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Turner Brownstone believes that diversity amongst our subcontractors plays a critical role in us providing outstanding service to IAAM and the City of Charleston.



MECHA CAFE COFFEE is a brand that was established spring of 2017 from Charlotte, North Carolina. Our team wanted to create a brand that catered to true Gourmet coffee, with our  Gourmet Cafe Blend, Decafe House Blend, and Tanzania Peaberry coffee flavors. True coffee is freshly roasted for every cup and we know that, it is the reason we took the pledge to ensure all of our customers experience great tasting coffee that is roasted at the sweetest point of the coffee bean, and that makes all the difference. Connect with us and let’s get started with great tasting coffee.

LaMor Leach - Marketing Sales Director


For more information check out their website at: https://mechacafe.wordpress.com/

AlphaBusinessEssentials.com was founded with the goal of offering our customers a one stop solution for workplace Essentials - ink & toner, paper, office furniture, general office supplies, facility supplies, promotional products, and more! We strive everyday to make sure we consistently meet these goals with our large selection, competitive prices, and top notch customer service.

LaJoia Broughton -


For more information check out their website at: https://www.alphabusinessessentials.com/

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