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Turner Brownstone believes that diversity among our subcontractors plays a critical role in us providing outstanding service to International African American Museum and the City of Charleston.



W. Frazier Construction, Inc. is a local City of Charleston MBE, SC DOT DBE and Charleston County SBE construction company established in 1982. W. Frazier's areas of concentration are: Mining (Dirt Pits), Trucking (hauling of aggregates and soils), Wood Debris Recycling Facility & Aggregate Sales. W. Frazier is a member of the American Subcontractors Association of the Carolinas and the South Carolina Trucking Association. W. Frazier clients include Federal, State, City & County governments, FAA (Airports), Military Installations, Developers, Industrial & Commercial. Over the years, W. Frazier has been recognized on the local, state, and federal levels for safety and success as a DBE contractor.

"Having the International African American Museum located in Charleston, SC and WFC working on this project has a truly special significance for us at WFC. We are a DBE, minority (African American) owned and operated company, 99%+ of our employees are African American. It is with great pride knowing that WFC has played an integral part of the construction of this National and Internationally important project. Charleston was the gateway for most enslaved peoples entering the United States and those that remained in the Charleston area provided a rich cultural history for all. It is estimated that 40-60% of all African Americans can trace their roots to Charleston. To be able to visit the completed International African American Museum and view the ‘African-American Story’ will be both a rewarding and satisfying experience not only for us but for future generations. The greatness and very social fabric of the United States was formed by the hard work, dedication, suffering and sacrifice of many; their sacrifice providing a path for our success. The ‘African American Story’ is a story of sacrifice and suffering but ultimately a story of victory." - Willie Frazier Jr., President, W. Frazier Construction, Inc.

Willie Frazier Jr. - President

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Minority and Women-Owned Businesses on our project!

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